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Volunteers making progress at Bethesda

There's a lot going on at Bethesda Home for Single Mothers!

We have had two groups in July and much has been accomplished. First was a group from North Lanier Baptist Church in Georgia. Ronny Taylor, his wife and three seniors came to work on painting three rooms. One room was completed, one needed further patching on the ceiling and the third was prepped and primed for painting. They did a great job. (pictures: ronny, painting and cleanup)

The second group was from Enon Baptist Church near Easley S.C.. Three members and a summer missionary from Impact Ministries worked 4 days. They framed the floor in the garage and laundry area. Then they insulated and laid the subflooring. Then the felt and sheeting was placed on it making it ready for the finished flooring. They completed the doorway to the laundry area, replaced the entrance door with a double glass door and set the walls for the new bathroom. It was an exciting and productive week. (pics on separate email)

Lots of work is going on, insulating, drywall finishing, wiring, plumbing, landscaping and more. Just call if you want to come help.

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