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Bethesda Home for Single Mothers is a ministry focused on making godly mothers who live self sufficiently and raise godly children in stable and secure homes. Our target group is crisis pregnancy mothers and at-risk single mothers.


Educational Discipleship


Parental Disciple-Makers is a ministry seeking to develop disciples of Jesus Christ apart from the church organization or structured materials. Much of our church work rests upon an educational model. It prepares the person through a set course of study and graduates the student through structured studies or materials. The assumption is that the gaining of new information equips the individual for the work of obeying Christ. Discipleship based on an educational model creates Bible students with much knowledge but little practical application. Thus we see many Christians with the right knowledge but not following Christ in their daily lives. We also see many Christians who have taken many studies and courses but still live in continued sin and are absent of the fruit Jesus told His disciples to produce. What’s a better way? Transformational discipleship!

Transformational Discipleship


Transformation is the result of a new understanding fueled by inner conviction leading to a practical commitment. This kind of experience can occur within educational situations but is rare. To lead individuals through a transformational experience we need time to process the new ideas, truth to challenge our misperceptions as well as visual demonstrations of the new life. This work takes personal conviction and maturity, not a Bible study providing new information. This work also takes personalized exploration and not pre-set courses to complete. Personal transformation into a Christian following and obeying Christ is a long spiritual journey. It goes through many firmly held commitments rather than a series of courses. Jesus focused on transforming His disciples and instructed them to lead their disciples to focus on transforming those turning to Him for life and hope.

Parental Discipleship


Parental Disciple-Makers is based on parenting new disciples just as parents guide and instruct their children. It is clear from the Bible that those who follow Christ are to “make disciples.” (Matt. 28:19 NIV) The method Jesus used and passed on to His followers was parenting them. Just as we seek to have children and grandchildren, even great-grandchildren, so we as Christ’s followers are to bear children and grandchildren for Him. The discipler is to be a parental figure to the learning disciples. Personalities must be considered. Approaches must not be reduced to a “one-size fits all.” Demonstration of what they are called to be and do must be visible to them in their parent and not just Bible passages. The final result will be children who grow into mature adulthood and parent children of their own. That was the pattern Jesus gave. Parental Disciple-Makers is built upon the growth by multiplication principle, not addition only. This is an effort to make real the Great Commission given us.

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